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18 Apr 2024




Raymond Peynet

(Nov. 16, 1908 – Jan. 14, 1999)

Raymond was a French cartoonist. He is known for having created the couple of lovers in 1942 “Les Amoureux de Peynet”. In 1930, he married Denise Damour whom he had met during his childhood. The “lovers”, the poet and his childhood sweetheart, were created by Peynet in Valence, inspired by a music kiosk known since then as the Peynet kiosk.

Ruth Dorrit Yacoby

(1950 - 2015)

Ruth is an international artist, painter and poet who lives in the south of Israel near the Dead Sea at the edge of the Judean desert.

Woman offering her soul

Through the figure of woman Yacoby expressed her freedom and her ability to fly or to risk falling, to attain to new experiences of redemption in a new firmament, to free herself of burdensome impurity by baptism, by self-purification, by birth. The soul’s self-extrication from the material that surrounds it—the body: that is the sacrificial victim’s way of coming closer to God.

Lanah by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux


Terracotta sculpture by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux (1827-1875.

The sculpture is the model done by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux and is part of the theme “La Dance” to decorate the façade of the Paris Opera. The sculpture gave the name to “Lanah Residence”.